Victor’s Office Manager, Canada Mailman

Ask anyone who’s worked at Victor’s Italian Restaurant about the camaraderie amongst the employees and they’ll describe it as a family. Even Canada Mailman who, for ten years, has sat in the corner basement office adding numbers and counting coins says one of the things she loves best about Victor’s is the relationships she’s built with her co-workers.

As Victor’s Office Manager, Canada says that interacting with employees makes for a fun day. “That and balancing out the cash drawers,” she laughs. “It’s a good day when everything balances.” Canada says her responsibilities include “everything on the back end like accounting and payroll.”

Canada believes the closeness of the staff translates into a friendly, relaxed experience for our patrons. It shines through in the ambience. But it’s the commitment to quality that bursts through in the food.  She explains, “I see the attention to detail in the planning and preparation of the food. The chefs really go out of their way to buy quality ingredients and prepare good food. I know because I see it on the back end.”

Canada promises that Victor’s is not your run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant. “We’ve got exceptional food. The quality and the service keep people coming back. Yes, we have pasta and meatballs but we’ve taken it to a higher level.”

Even though she loves when they’re preparing the fresh pasta (“It’s so satisfying to watch!”) Canada says her favorite dish is the seasonal Gnocchi, especially when she pairs it with an Espresso Martini.