“It’s just a great place. We always see somebody we know. It like a secret neighborhood bar!” It is Gay Wilton’s birthday. She’s decided to celebrate with her daughter, husband, and favorite dish at Victor’s.

Gay Wilton (center) celebrating her birthday with daughter, Kristen, and husband, Fred

Gay and her husband, Fred, have been coming to Victor’s since the early 1980s. She explains, “After Fred and I got married we did a lot of traveling on our boat. We were out of the area for a number of years. But, whenever we had the opportunity, we would come to Victor’s. It is our go-to place.”  Now that the Wiltons are on firm ground more often than on the boat, Gay says it is the “consistently fabulous food” and knowledgeable staff that keeps her coming back.

Gay’s favorite halibut dish

That, and the halibut.

Gay says she usually orders the Bolognese. “That’s my go-to. I love the Bolognese.” But recently, Chef George has offered a pesce del giorno that Gay can’t stop thinking about.

“We came for dinner before a show two weeks ago,” she remembers. “Halibut is my favorite fish, but being on the east coast, it’s hardly ever offered.” When she heard it was the fish of the day, of course she ordered it. “It was so good. Perfectly done. Chef George had a buerre blanc sauce that was… from Mars! I couldn’t stop talking about it.”

“She called me the next day and told me it was the best meal she’s ever had in her whole life,” daughter Kristen chimes in.

Gay Wilton (left) and daughter, Kristen Uhl (right)

Gay agrees, “It was so perfect. I couldn’t stop talking about it. It was so good.” Even better, she paired it with a seasonal margarita that was “to die for.”

“We all love Italian food.  All three of us,” says Gay. “Victor’s is authentic, it’s delicious, and it’s consistently great. You always know you’re going to have a good meal.” And a great birthday celebration they had indeed, complete with the halibut and a margarita for the birthday girl!


Editor’s note:

When available, Gay recommends the Pan-seared Halibut with buerre blanc sauce and parmesan risotto.  If it is the pesce del giorno (fish of the day), look around. She’ll probably be at next table ordering it too! <wink>