Get Started

You can pick up the balls from the bar. Please return them to the bar when you’re finished. Keep track of your scores.

Weather Issues

This season tends to be rainy. Because the court condition is always changing, the only way to know if you can play is to go and check it out.

f you step on the court and leave a mark then please don’t play. If you don’t leave a mark in the surface then it is dry enough to play.

Court Closures

We will do our best to post news about closures in the Facebook Group and on the member portal, but sometimes we are busy and conditions change too quickly for us to get the info out.

Post-game Maintenance

Please take care when maintaining the court. It may not appear challenging but the maintenance requires many hours per week and routine maintenance after a game goes a long way to keeping the court playing well and minimizing extra work.

When you are finished playing, please use a flat shoe to smooth divots and sweep. Sweeping the proper way is critical. Drag the broom upside down using only the side of the bristles. If you see dents after you sweep you haven’t done your job.¬†Please help us with this. If you have questions about sweeping, don’t hesitate to ask! It’s *that* important. Thank you!

Use of Substitutes

Substitutes used for games can not play in the league. You may only use substitutes from outside the league.

Bar Service

f you plan to practice please let the restaurant know you are there so you will have service. Our schedule for service is based on the bocce schedule.

If you are planning to apply your 20% discount for food when you are playing bocce you must let your bartender or server know before you order.

No alcohol of any kind may be brought onto the property. All alcohol must be purchased from the restaurant.

Play Early and Often

As we approach the middle of the season, keep scheduling and playing your games. Don’t wait!

We Appreciate You

Last but not least…THANK YOU! You are part of a long tradition and we appreciate your participation and friendship.


Call or email Mark.